Hours                                Phone: (706) 639 - 9493     
  Monday - Friday: 8:30 AM - 6:00 PM                 Email: ECPB@comcast.net  
        Satururday by appointment only                          Web: www.ECPB.biz        

Services Offered at ECPB

Your one stop automotive clinic: Here at ECPB we take care of absolutely every need you require for all of your vehicles. From a basic oil change and car wash, to a collision repair or complete classic, customization, or restomod restoration; ECPB can take care of everything for you.

Free estimates: We estimate across the country. Let us quote your car's needs. From crash repair to full restorations, ECPB will satisfy your needs.

Mobile estimator: If it is with-in driving distance of our shop, we will be able to come to you if needed. If it is out of our range, you can send us pictures and data of the car and we can send you a rough estimate via e-mail.

Complete uni-body and frame repair: Tony is our frame and sheet metal technician. His precise work ethic and years of experience dealing with metal are an unbeatable team. He is determined and strives to do the best possible job on every vehicle. Any damage to your vehicle can be repaired by ECPB.

Custom and factory repaints: Damon is our paint technician. He and his top of the line paint gun are an example of perfection. Damon is very particular and precise. The only paint job is a “perfect” paint job. He will not accept the smallest imperfection on “his” cars. Damon loves his work and it shows. Every one of his cars are show car quality.

Expert color matching: We can match any color. Our spectrometer reads electronically your cars paint formula.

Rust repairs and restorations: ECPB specializes in rust repair and restorations. Our professional team enjoys restoring your “loved jewel” to a better than new condition. “WE BUILD SHOW WINNERS.”

Ground effects installation: We install all types of ground effects. We will fit and bolt on the ground effects or fiberglass them to your cars body for a seamless, sleek design.

Lifetime Warranty: ECPB will guarantee their work for as long as you own the car. ECPB is a combination of the most skillful auto body technicians and their love for building show winners. That is why ECPB is confident that you will be 100% satisfied with your car's appearance and performance.